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Stay Magazine Features Green Key Global


The pandemic continues to impact the way we live—lockdowns, border closures and travel restrictions have been introduced in many parts of the world—leaving the hotel sector as one of the hardest-hit industries.

According to research conducted by McKinsey & Company, the hotel sector’s recovery to pre-pandemic could take until 2023 or even later. But this public health crisis is by no means the only challenge of our time. We are also faced with the necessity of making imperative changes to our business models, practices and societies around sustainability.

The global climate crisis is a major threat to the existence and future of humanity. Its detrimental consequences have become more apparent in recent years—from extreme weather and displacement to mass extinction of species. In the most recent UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, scientists warn that the outcomes of change will be continuously magnified and put an urgent call for changes from governments and industries to reduce carbon emissions.

The hospitality sector accounts for at least one per cent of global carbon emissions, and it suffers directly from the impact of climate change. Extreme weather has already started increasing operating costs for hotels and limited travelling to affected regions. So, what can hotels do to become more sustainable amidst these global crises?

To get a better idea of what hotel owners and operators should think about right now, Stay Magazine spoke to the director of business development at Green Key, Rebecca Bartlett-Jones.