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Soap for Hope Needs More Donations to Meet the Growing Demand


Soap for Hope is a not-for-profit company and one of our respected partners at Green Key Global. They help hotels, and the community, by repurposing hotel amenities and donating to community facilities. This not only supports the community facilities but also diverts products from reaching the landfill.

They are growing rapidly and need more help from hotels, like Green Key Members, to accommodate the ever-growing need to support those in need.

In 2021, Soap for Hope has worked with 315 Community Facilities and have donated more than 1.2 million hygiene products and 53 thousand linens. For an in-depth analysis and more information on the impact a small act a hotel can make for the community, review the Soap for Hope 2021 Impact Report.

Anne McIntyre, Founder and Executive Director of Soap for Hope, says they are actively seeking to expand their hotel program. Due to COVID-19, more and more people need access to hygiene, and more hotels are needed to support this demand.

This is an excellent opportunity for members of Green Key Global who can assist. Participating in initiatives like that of Hope for Soap is a great way to improve Green Key Ratings, as well as help local communities by recycling lightly used products.

The following products can be donated to Soap for Hope:

  • Unused soap
  • Hygiene Products
  • Linens
  • Robes
  • Slippers
  • Lost and Found Items left unclaimed

This recent CTV article featuring Tanaya Jilg, program director at Soap for Hope explores the importance Soap for Hope has on the community, as well as the impact donations from hotels can have.

We are so proud to be partnered with Soap for Hope and can’t wait to make a difference in 2022 and beyond.