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Monthly Theme Calendar


Empowering Hotels with Sustainability Knowledge

Green Key Global is excited to introduce our Monthly Theme Calendar.

Each month of the year will be dedicated to a specific theme related to sustainability in the hospitality industry, ranging from energy efficiency and waste management to sustainable sourcing. The goal is to provide useful information and sustainability initiative ideas that can be actioned in a hotel setting.

The Monthly Theme Calendar will provide resources, best practices, and actionable steps that hotels can take to improve their sustainability efforts in line with that month’s theme.

Education is a key component of our Monthly Theme Calendar. We’ll be sharing informative articles, the latest environmental statistics hosting sustainability webinars by experts and vendors and promoting resources to assist in a property’s sustainable journey.  

Green Key Global aims to equip our valued members with information and tools they can use on the ground.

Explore our exciting sustainability themes for each month. Click the button below to view our Theme Calendar now!