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How Hotels Can Support Charitable Causes and Make a Difference


As a hotelier, you know that sustainability is not only good for the environment but also good for your business. But did you know that sustainability also means supporting charitable causes and making a positive social impact?

At Green Key Global, we are proud to partner with some amazing organizations that are working hard to improve the lives of people in need, both locally and globally. These organizations collect, recycle, and distribute surplus food, hygiene products, and linens from hotels, and provide them to communities that lack access to these essential items. By donating your surplus items, you can help prevent waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and most importantly, save the planet.

Here are some of our Vendor Partners that you can support:

Soap for Hope Canada

Soap for Hope Canada collects and repurposes hotel hygiene products, linens, and lost & found which would otherwise end up in landfills. They process these discarded products, extending their useful life, and distribute them to Community Facilities, which include Shelters, Transition Homes, Food Banks, Schools, Seniors Centres, and more. Since 2015, they have diverted over 850,000 pounds from the landfill and distributed over 9.2 million hygiene products and linens to over 500 Community Facilities. This was possible due to the partnerships with their growing network of Caring Hotel Partners (hotels, motels and resorts), which you can join now.

"Being part of the Caring Hotel Partners Program made my work life easier and more efficient and has a profound impact on our community by providing essential hygiene products to those in need. By recycling and repurposing discarded hotel amenities, Soap for Hope Canada reduces waste and contributes to environmental conservation. I am proud to participate in a program that promotes a cleaner, more sustainable world for future generations."
Justin Foisy
Executive Housekeeper at Delta Hotels by Marriott

Clean the World

Clean the World is a global leader in sustainable, environmental and social impact solutions, transforming used soap bars and plastic amenities that the hospitality industry would otherwise discard into lifesaving, essential supplies for communities in need across the globe. With every soap and plastic amenity recycled, Clean the World reduces the impact of pollution on our planet and improves the lives of women, children, and communities globally by donating new soap bars to global NGOs, such as The WASH Foundation. With over 8,200 participants in its Global Hospitality Recycling Program, and more than 1.4 million hotel rooms processed daily, Clean the World has already diverted over 25.8 million pounds of waste from landfills and donated over 82.8 million bars of recycled soap since its inception in 2009. Join the Clean the World’s Global Recycling Program and help them make the world a better place.

Second Harvest

Second Harvest is the largest food rescue organization in Canada. They work with thousands of food businesses from across the supply chain to rescue surplus food before it ends up in the landfill and redistribute it to non-profit organizations that feed communities in every province and territory. Green Key Global staff had a volunteer food sorting shift to support their cause! They also conduct research, education, and advocacy to raise awareness and address the root causes of food waste and hunger. Since 1985, they have rescued and delivered over 345 million pounds of food and prevented over 832 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. Get involved with Second Harvest and help them feed more people and fight climate change.

By supporting these charitable causes, you can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and social responsibility and make a difference in the world. At Green Key Global, we recognize and reward hotels that participate in our Global Hospitality Recycling Program and meet our high standards of environmental and social performance. Together, we can make the hospitality industry more sustainable and more impactful.

Are you already partnered with any of these charitable organizations? We would love to hear from you and feature your story on our website and social media!