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Green Key Global: A Leader of Sustainable Tourism in North America


Without a doubt, climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. As we face the challenges of a changing planet, sustainability has emerged as a critical concern in many industries, including tourism. In fact, the need for sustainable practices in tourism has become more important than ever before 

As travelers become more aware of their environmental impact, hotels and other tourism-related businesses are feeling the pressure to become more sustainable.  Green Key Global, North America’s leading sustainability certification for hotel and meeting spaces, is instrumental in driving the sustainability movement within the tourism industry. 

Green Key Global was founded in 1994 to certify hotels, resorts, and conference centers across North America in sustainability. The rigorous certification process evaluates properties on a range of criteria, including energy conservation, water conservation, waste management, and community engagement. Properties that meet Green Key Global’s standards are awarded a rating of one to five keys, with five keys being the highest possible rating. 

Green Key Global promotes sustainable practices and processes, helping to reduce the environmental impact of hotels and other tourism-related businesses. By adopting these measures hotels are benefiting the environment and saving money by reducing their energy and water usage. 

The benefits of sustainability go far beyond utility cost savings, by becoming more sustainable, hotels can attract growing numbers of environmentally conscious travelers. A recent study found that 76% of travelers ( 2023) consider a hotel’s environmental impact when making a booking, this means that Green Key Global-certified hotels are more likely to appeal to the majority of travelers. 

By promoting sustainable tourism practices, Green Key Global is helping to create a more sustainable tourism industry in the USA and Canada. According to the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, the hotel sector accounts for about 1% of all global carbon emissions, and this is set to increase if no significant change is made. By helping to reduce the environmental impact of tourism, Green Key Global is protecting the planet for future generations.

We invite you to watch Green Key Global’s latest promotional video, the first in a series of 12, showcasing some of the positive environmental changes Green Key Global has enabled in the USA and Canada. The video series highlights innovative sustainable initiatives that Green Key Global has inspired across the industry, narrated in a series of compelling testimonials from industry leaders. Green Key Global demonstrates the real-world benefits of adopting sustainable practices for businesses and the environment encouraging easily adopted adjustments such as energy-efficient lighting, water conservation, waste reduction and community engagement.

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