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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – The Future of Sustainability


There has been a lot in the news lately about the rise of electric vehicles on the road today, and in the near future.

Here are some quick facts about Electric Vehicles:

  • 2015: there were approximately 10,000 electric vehicles on the road
  • 2016: there are approximately 17,000 on the road, and the number is increasing each day.
  • It is estimated that in the next 2-3 years, approximately 1:20 vehicles on the road will be electric

But only approximately 400 hotels in Canada have charging stations. All meeting facilities (with our without bedrooms) should jump on the bandwagon now, and stay ahead of the curve. Why, you ask?

Because your target market will demand it. Individual travellers, and business travellers alike, who would fall within your identified household income range, are investing NOW to save in the future with electric vehicles. But there does not seem to be many properties supporting their sustainability choice.

According to Christopher Misch, VP of Sales with Sun Country Highway, we may already be hitting a supply/demand problem. “In my opinion, electric vehicle charging stations are still ‘new’ to hoteliers. With the purchase of these vehicles increasing in Canada, it only makes sense to support initiatives.”

Perhaps the disconnect is because it is not clear what the investment would be, and how quickly you would see a return.

“The investment is not too significant”, says Christopher. “Charging stations start at $3,000, plus installation, and in my experience with working with hotels, most properties will see a return on this investment within 6-9 months. It’s really an easy decision to make when you review the breakdown”.

There are tangible & intangible returns to consider (that, frankly, should help convince you):

  • Adopting the practice now, and installing charging stations, will help you be considered a “first adopter” in this area, thus, creating early brand loyalty with these travellers
  • Governments are investing – a recent CBC article outlines that there is (and will continue to be) increased demand, and they are following suit
  • There may be government support for your business: The Ontario Government, for example, just recently offered an Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario grant program. Keep an eye out for what is happening within your province – there could be grants currently available, or coming available soon! IKEA Canada was just awarded funds through the Ontario program.
  • Companies that provide these products, like Sun Country Highway, have made it easy for drivers to identify where the closest charging station is, through mobile apps. A link to your property within the app can provide details on location, room rates, etc.

Why wait any longer?