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Easy Ways to Green Your Meeting in 2016


In 2016, we are encouraging all meeting and event professionals to take the leap and make sure your meetings, special events, and conferences are eco-friendly and sustainable. Here are a few quick tips to get started:

  • Source name badges that are made of biodegradable materials. When researching for this post, we came across this company, who produces name badges that you can plant once your event is done!
  • Donate usable supplies (like office supplies, or conference bags) to an organization. You can ask your DMO for a recommendation, or look for a not-for-profit organization, like Bags to Riches.
  • Review your past data as it relates to food and beverage and cut down on food waste.
  • Still have too much food? Donate it to a local food bank or shelter.
  • Is your event at a conference/convention centre? Book hotels within walking distance as much as possible.
  • Host your event at a Green Key certified facility.

But, most importantly, you need to create a system to track the initiatives that you implement and the results of these initiatives, so that you know what changes, tweaks and additions need to be made in the coming years.

Have a story you want to share? Let us know! We would love to feature your story in an upcoming post.