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Celebrating Earth Day With Green Key Global At Your Hotel


On April 22, 2023, the world celebrated the 53rd Earth Day, an annual celebration that raises awareness of the need to protect the planet for future generations.

Being North America’s leading sustainability certification for the hotel and lodging industry, Green Key Global takes Earth Day very seriously and finds ways to preserve the planet on Earth Day and every day.

Earth Day is an important symbol of environmentalism. It encourages people to consider their environmental impact, find ways to minimize their carbon footprint, and involve themselves in the community. The day educates people on the importance of the environment and inspires them to do something positive for the planet. It can be as small as biking instead of driving or as impactful as planting a tree.

The hotel industry has a vital role in sustainability, and there are many ways a hotel can take part in Earth Day (or every day), including:

  • Cleaning the environment by organizing a community clean-up for guests and staff to take part in.
  • Supporting reforestation by planting a tree for every guest staying at the hotel on Earth Day with a partner like One Tree Planted.
  • Helping community outreach organizations by donating a portion of the profits from gross room revenue to a not-for profit organization.
  • Reducing landfill by offering guests a reusable tote bag rather than plastic bags at boutiques or gift shops on the property.
  • Lowering air pollution by offering guests sustainable modes of transportation. Rentable electric scooters such as Cruz by Step Mobility Inc. are a great example of this!

This year, the team at Green Key Global got creative in their participation in Earth Day. The staff found ways to improve the planet, involve the community, learn new skills, and bond with family, all while making an impact.

The director of Green Key Global and her family proudly swapped all old light bulbs with LEDS.

One staff member offered a DIY bike repair station for their friends and community, encouraging bike use as a mode of transportation as the weather improves, while another staff member rallied neighbors of her apartment complex to come together and clean their communal yard space to make for a cleaner, and safer environment for kids and pets alike.

It wasn’t just staff that got involved, but family too, as one teammate and her daughter built a planter box to grow vegetables. Together they found some scrap cedar and recycled it to create a perfect home for some carrots and beets in due time. They also made a family donation to the Plastic Bank.

Members of Green Key Global also took part in the day, including Fairmont Le Château Montebello. This breathtaking hotel located in Montebello, Quebec took part in Earth Day in a fun and creative way.

The property hosted a Bingo Waste Hunt. The team of 10 collected 273lbs of garbage in 2 hours, with local products offered to the winners who collected the largest bags of garbage.

Earth Day is a great way to involve the community and think about our impact on the environment, but sustainability doesn’t stop there. It is important that hotels think about sustainability in their everyday practices and find ways to benefit the planet and local communities. At Green Key Global, we celebrate every level of sustainability and offer support to our members on their sustainability journey.

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