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Being Sustainable Goes Beyond the Designated Days…


With many hotels participating in programs around World Water DayEarth Day, and Earth Hour every year, it is important to recognize efforts that the hospitality industry makes to conserve and ensure their footprint on the environment is as small as possible.

However, it is JUST as important to ensure that these efforts take place year round, not just leading up to their designated days. Here are a few tips to help you on an ongoing basis:

Reducing Water Usage:

  • Fix Leaks. Obvious? Maybe. But so many leaks are ignored for a long period of time. Taps that drip can have a HUGE impact on your overall water usage; and increase profitability.
  • Landscape Appropriately. For properties that have created an ambiance outside of the facility itself with beautiful gardens, it can create a lot of water usage to keep them beautiful. Selecting trees and flowers that are native to your region can help reduce water usage, as they are more likely to adapt to their environment.
  • Educate Your Team. Your team is playing a large role in your overall water consumption. Educating them on their tasks that involve using water, and how they can take action to reduce their consumption, will also play a large role…

Need more tips? We have a great checklist to help you with the daily operations of your laundry services. Click here to read more (login required).

Reducing Energy Consumption:

  • Turn It Down. Did you know that reducing your preset temperatures even by one degree can reduce your energy bills by 8%? Time to make the change.
  • Have You Considered Occupancy Sensors? Utilizing these in your guestrooms (which would either dim or turn off lighting when there is nobody in the room) can reduce your electricity usage overall by up to 30%.
  • Energy Management. This requires buy-in from all levels at your facility – including getting senior management’s commitment, ensuring your energy policy is up to date, and have a working document as your energy strategy to ensure all aspects are covered, and where the responsibility lies.

Need more tips? Have a look at our Environmental Policy & Sustainable Action Plan Samples (login required).

Being a member of an organization that helps you achieve your goals, keeps you accountable and helps you market and promote your efforts is important. Did you know that Green Key Global’s Green Key Eco-Rating Program recently achieved GSTC-Recognition? Read more about GSTC Recognition here.