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Harvesting Greywater: How many facilities are doing it?


Water conservation is nothing new.  Many organizations in this space have encouraged hotels to conserve water for years – we even wrote about it for World Water Day last year.  We have seen many hotels update their fixtures to ensure that they have reduced flow and flush in their bathrooms, and some are even recycling rainwater, but have you thought about taking it to the next level?

While you may have the systems, policies & procedures and fixtures in place, it can be difficult to control the water consumption of each individual guest.  Keeping this in mind, consider what your facility can do with the water…re-use initiatives can save your hotel a great deal.

Did you know that:

  • Rainwater harvesting can reduce water consumption by up to 30%?
  • Greywater recycling can save as much as 40%?

An article posted on Greyter Water Systems has outlined that major cities have seen a massive increase on their water rates.  The Greater Toronto Area, for example, has an expected water rate increase of 10% per year according to this article.  They say that Atlanta has seen an increase of rates by 233% since the year 2000.

Greyter Water Systems, based in the GTA but with regional offices in the US is one of many solutions to the growing water problem.  Working both domestically and internationally, this organization, and many others work with you to understand your current water usage, and help you find a solution that will harvest and re-use grey water.  Not only will this help the environmental impact your property has in a positive way, but you will also save on your bottom line – with your water bills, lower energy costs that are tied to your water supply, and lower sewage charges.

Consider reviewing your current water management structure and how it could be improved with systems like these.  To fully understand your sustainability as a property, have a look at our Green Key Programs