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Better Battery Co. Offers A Sustainable Product That Reduces Your Carbon Footprint and Increases Recycling Efforts Onsite


Green Key Global Vetted Supplier Offers Hoteliers a Sustainable Solution for Batteries

Do you know how many batteries are used onsite at hotels in things like smoke detectors, key door scanners, remotes, thermostats etc.? Do you know if they are being recycled?

Did you know you can switch to a carbon neutral battery with a built-in recycling program and further your commitment to sustainability? Better Battery Co. offers an easy way for any hotel to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to sourcing sustainable products, reducing their carbon footprint and increasing recycling efforts onsite.

With global battery consumption in the billions of cells annually, it is staggering to report that only 5% of batteries are properly recycled. Meet the World’s most positive batteries! Better Battery Co. was founded by two moms with visions of a circular economy. No one really thinks about batteries, it’s one of those things that everyone needs and uses and that’s kind of where the story ends. Right? Well, not really. They end up in landfills. They end up seeping into our oceans, lakes, soil. So, we ended up saying, we’re going to change that.

Better Battery Co. is committed to 0% to landfill, everything from their packaging to their batteries can be recycled and are Carbon Neutral certified through their partners at

Here are a few key points below about Better Battery Co. and why making the switch is an easy choice:

  • Commitment to Sustainability – their  batteries are manufactured in a carbon positive manufacturing facility in Belgium. The factory is ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 Certified. This sets BBCo apart as few battery manufacturers have both of these certifications.
  • Performance – they perform equal to or better than the leading battery brands in terms of performance.
  • LEED Certification– switching to Better Battery Co. can earn you points towards your properties LEED certification.
  • Price – they are competitive on price if not better – so there is no downside to switching only value add!
  • Certified Carbon Neutral – BBCO is unique in that Better Battery Co. have invested in obtaining a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and pay a carbon offset for each battery we sell. They pay these offsets to who invests these funds specifically in carbon reducing project like wind farms, tree planting and truck stop electrification. As far as we know, NO other battery manufacturer does this.
  •  Recycle All Their Batteries – Better Battery Co. COVERS the cost to recycle your batteries and will provide you with a CREDIT off every invoice. It is more sustainable and up to 90% more efficient to recycle zinc, manganese, potassium, and steel than it is to mine and produce these materials from ore. Once these materials are recycled from alkaline batteries, they can be reused in new products.
  • Partners – Better Battery Co. are partnered with Green Key Global, Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care, and 1% for the Planet.
  • Recycling Partner – They are partnered with Raw Materials Co.
    • RMC has a efficiency rate of 84% and has been independently audited and verified under CSA – SPE-890-15, a guideline for the accountable management of end-of-life materials.
    • RMC has a battery recycling process that recycles and reuses all of the components of an alkaline battery in a sustainable manner, nothing is landfilled.
      RMC is also ISO 14000 Certified and is carbon neutral.Better Battery Co. are spreading positive vibes; the good feels you get from choosing optimism and for doing your part for the Planet! Help do your part with Better Battery Co. and make the switch today!