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We are delighted to be to be the Sustainability certification of choice for Four Seasons, as we work together towards a greener future.

Green Key Global certification will authenticate properties’ environmental sustainability process and practice bringing credibility to sustainable initiatives that can be promoted to staff and guests using our communication tools and templates.

Successful certifications are automatically sent to OTAs and corporate companies on behalf of members ensuring increased business from individuals and companies wishing to book environmentally friendly accommodation and meeting space.

Our partnership is all about working together to take Four Seasons properties’ sustainability efforts to new heights while implementing a standardized sustainability program across the board.


Green Key Global has compiled a comprehensive portfolio of documents to explain the programs offered, guide properties through the assessment and audit process, also providing helpful information about resources, tools and benefits available.

Green Key Marketing Materials

Informing guests about sustainability certification is crucial to the overall enjoyment of their stay, for example, if your guests understand that by reusing towels, they help to conserve water impacting climate change they will likely be happy to comply.  To help Four Seasons  properties communicate the importance of sustainability and how guests can contribute Green Key Global provides tailored marketing materials, templates, and guest-facing materials. These resources enable properties to share their sustainability initiatives with guests at every stage of their journey- from researching online to inside the guest room.

Explainer Videos

Green Key Global offers a diverse range of animated videos. These videos can help properties through the process of assessment and audit and enable them to prioritize sustainability at Four Seasons properties. The animated videos are easy to follow and can be a great tool to understand and promote Green Key Global initiatives at both the property and brand level.

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