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Carbon Neutral Events

Elevate your venue’s reputation as a leader in decarbonization and responsible business practices with the Green Key Global Carbon Neutral Events Program. This program helps planners go carbon-neutral by focusing on green event practices and making your space appealing to environmentally conscious event organizers. 

What is a Carbon Neutral Event?

“Carbon neutral” means that no additional greenhouse gas emissions have been put into the atmosphere because the event has offset as many emissions as it has produced. Achieving carbon neutrality happens when practical emission reductions are complemented by purchased carbon offsets.

Carbon offset projects reduce, remove, or prevent future greenhouse gases (GHGs) from entering the atmosphere and help accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. By supporting these projects, businesses can mitigate emissions equivalent to those they produce.

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Why make your event carbon neutral?

The most obvious reason to adopt carbon neutrality is to reduce your event’s environmental impact. There are economic advantages too. Carbon neutral events reduce energy consumption and waste and develop your reputation as a low-carbon event host making your space an appealing option for organizers, sponsors, funders, presenters, and participants that want to go green. 

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How to make your event carbon neutral


Implementing green practices at the planning stage will help reduce your event’s carbon footprint.


Measure GHG emissions generated during your event with the event carbon calculator

Offsetting emissions

Purchasing carbon offsets equal to the event carbon footprint brings your net carbon emissions down to zero.

Green Key partners with Carbon Zero to provide Green Key Global members with a wide range of high-quality carbon offset projects.