I have misplaced my login information. How do I access the system?

How do I become a Green Key Rated property?

How much does it cost to become a Green Key Rated hotel?

How do I find a Green Key Rated hotel?

Do Green Key Ratings only apply to hotels?

How many hotels are currently active in the Green Key Program?

How are the ratings determined?

Is it possible to view the self-assessment questions before joining?

Do you do on-site inspections of rated properties?

I recently stayed at a Green Key Rated property and don’t feel they live up to their rating. Who do I speak to?

Is the program available in other Countries?

Does the Green Key Program take limited-service properties into consideration?

How long does the self-assessment take to complete?

Which employees should be involved in completing the online self-assessment?

How often can a property update its self-assessment to see if its rating has improved?

How do I renew my Green Key membership?

How often do you revise/update the questions?