La Tablée des Chefs is a non-profit organization from Montreal whose mission is to feed families in need and to educate future generations by developing their food autonomy. In addition of offering a food leftovers recovery service to establishments from the HRI industry, the organization operates the program: Les Brigades Culinaires. Young people from high schools across Quebec receive culinary training, allowing the development of their food autonomy.

Since 2006, the organization offers a food leftovers recovery service to hotels across Canada. By partnering with Green Key Global, La Tablée des Chefs relies on the support of the association to promote its service to its members’ institutions. Together, they want a maximum of hotels to mobilize in order to reduce food waste. When a hotel wants to be environmentally responsible by giving a second life to ready-to-eat surpluses and enabling people in need to enjoy quality food, it can communicate with La Tablée des Chefs. The organization will operate all the food recovery logistic. The process that has been approved by the MAPAQ is a simple, safe and effective tool that has positive impacts on the environment and the community. For those interested, details can be found on the website: