EcoStay Certified: A Comprehensive Approach To Meaningful Sustainability

EcoStay Certified is a third-party program that helps hoteliers across North America invest in energy-saving and emission-reducing projects, while uniting today’s discerning traveller in a meaningful, share eco-initiative. Hoteliers can fund their own improvements, track progress, earn certifications, showcase achievements, plus be a part of an environmental legacy of nature and beauty.

Here’s how it works:

  • Members have access to an innovative portal system that makes it easy to track, measure, and improve in areas of energy use, sustainability and social responsibility. The Greenview system offers best practices features specifically designed to help hotels improve their performance over time, save money, reduce emissions and communicate their progress through a streamlined system.
  • Our unique funding model helps hotels realize opportunities to reduce their environmental impact, while also reducing their operating costs, through energy efficiency upgrades, waste reduction and sustainable product purchasing decisions. The EcoFunding program generates the money for hotels to make changes now, rather than years down the road.
  • Hoteliers and their guests make a shared commitment to the EcoStay Motherland Forest; a highly visible parkland of carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat, education and cultural heritage. The project will restore 55 hectares, or about 90 football fields, of degraded land with native boreal species trees. Complete with a motorist rest stop, walking path, and educational signage the project will endow our country with a truly unique eco-destination that promises to unite millions of travelers from around the globe as they join others in leaving a legacy of nature and beauty for all to enjoy.

Results Hoteliers Can Expect

  • Utility cost and usage control
  • Funding for energy-saving upgrades
  • Manage & tracking of progress
  • Earn certifications & awards
  • Grow your business (win RFPs, and more)
  • Leave a legacy of nature and beauty for generations to come
  • Showcase your achievements
  • CSR, Help the planet

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