Best Western Hotels & Resorts

“Best Western Hotels and Resorts have been working with Green Key Global for many years, and truly believe in the aspect of our properties having a green story. We have close to 90% of properties in Canada who are Green Key rated, and continue to encourage worldwide participation in this program. We look forward to continuing our pursuit of sustainability lodging with Green Key Global.“

Priscilla Nesbitt, MHS, Director| Supply & Studio Design
Best Western® Hotels & Resorts

Caesars Entertainment

“Caesars Entertainment is proud to have over 25 of its properties as members of Green Key Global’s programming. Our work together is a significant aspect of Caesars’ commitment to environmental
stewardship. We congratulate and commend Green Key on the release of their revised, GSTC recognized Eco-Rating Program.”

Gwen Migita, Vice President Sustainability & Corporate Citizenship
Caesars Entertainment

Holiday Inn & Suites – Vancouver Downtown

While discarded paper products, wasted electricity and the water required for daily laundry are often seen by hotels as simply the “cost of doing business” the Holiday Inn & Suites Vancouver Downtown believes that we can and must do more to protect the resources and culture of the places where we, and our guests work, live and play.

The Green Key Eco-Rating Program provided us with the perfect venue to review and re-evaluate our carbon footprint and the professional platform to make our clients aware of our initiatives. Thanks to our participation in this program we have been able to upgrade our rating on Canadian Government websites, obtain Government group business, provide our corporate partners with validation that our efforts are sincere and measurable and secure participation in larger conferences, such as MPI, where compliance to specific sustainability goals is mandatory. The Green Key Program also provides a guideline for future eco-friendly upgrades and has proven to be a very valuable tool – enabling us to differentiate ourselves from the competition through the use of their rating system and initiatives.

Bonnie Everett, Senior Sales Manager

InterContinental Hotels Group

“Green Key Global is a well-respected industry certification that many of our hotels choose to pursue. We commend GKG on further bolstering their program with the launch of Green Key Eco-Rating 3.0, offering our IHG Green Engage™ system hotels a streamlined approach to additional certification.”

Paul Snyder, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility
InterContinental Hotels Group

Konover Hotel Corporation

“We are proud of our work to date in registering our portfolio for Green Key and in our status as the first management company with full program participation. But this is just a first step towards our goal of running sustainable properties. The resources made available to Green Key members, in particular the performance report issued to new members, have helped our properties make incremental progress towards this goal.”

Peter H. Mason, CHA, Executive Vice President,
Konover Hotel Corporation

Loop Initiatives

“Integrating sustainability into a hotel’s management processes can enhance reputation, drive innovation, increase profitability and create value. Green Key developed a series of easy-to-use toolkits to help its members design and implement effective sustainability programs that meet their needs. Loop Initiatives appreciates the opportunity to support Green Key in developing the toolkits and commends member efforts to improve performance through sustainability.”

Loop Initiatives

Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel, Chicago

“We are excited to have received a 4 Green Key Rating.  We also really appreciate the Performance Report that was provided with our evaluation.  We will be using that to improve our hotel’s efforts.  Our goal is to one day get all 5 Keys!”

Pierce McCarthy, Assistant Front Office Manager


“We believe corporations can make a considerable impact by putting a concerted effort toward sustainable practices, and at RCI we take this responsibility very seriously. We have also heard from our members that sustainability and green travel is becoming increasingly important to them, which is why we created the first sustainability award in the industry for affiliated resorts. Sustainable practices are being utilized daily at our affiliated resorts, and we believe it’s important for these resorts to be recognized for their significant commitment to the environment.”

Gordon Gurnik, President, RCI

Renewable Choice

“We’re delighted to partner with Green Key Global. For years, the lodging industry has been helping to lead the way in sustainability and the Green Key program provides those organizations with a tangible way to make a difference. By working with Green Key Global, we can provide environmental products and services to directly help member organizations improve their environmental impact and Green Key standing.”

John Powers, VP of Business Development for Renewable Choice