We Believe in the Power of Partnerships. Strategic partnerships and industry affiliations are fundamental to Green Key Global’s long-term success and credibility in the marketplace. Green Key Global is committed to building affiliations and partnerships that fit with our mandate to assist lodging facilities in building and marketing their sustainable day-to-day operations without compromising guest satisfaction.

Green Key Global Strategic Partners are leading companies, organizations and associations involved in a wide range of industry sectors and activities. Although these areas of activities may differ, they are all committed to furthering sustainability within their own operations as well as within the global lodging industry.

Benefits of Becoming a Partner

Partnering with Green Key Global provides Strategic Partners with the unique opportunity to create broad network of national and international contacts. In the process, Partners gain an opportunity to share their expertise, work closely with their lodging customers, acquire valuable insight into the latest industry developments and work with Green Key Global members to provide solutions to the industry’s sustainability related challenges and priorities.

To learn more about any one of our Strategic Partners please click on their logo.

Become a Partner